Well, for starters I share in her abilities. On earth, we call it gifts. When I give into an hour of self-love to immerse in a relaxed fantastical state, I’m reminded of my gifts. I have the ability to use my eyes, like Supergirl and pierce through false beliefs, limiting labels, painful perceptions, and ugly experiences to reveal the beautiful, rare gems that are hidden.

I believe it’s my superpower. I can see the beauty in everything, even those things that are extremely painful. Like going through a divorce. I don’t think that when girls dream of being married one day, that they also dream of being divorced. So to actually be faced with that reality as a woman can be very disheartening and it cuts like a scorching hot double-edged knife with caked up salt on it. Not only does it hurt going in, but it stings as it’s pulled out.

So what does Super Girl have to do with all of this?  Just as I was reminded of my gifts, I was also reminded that I am not a fictional character. I can be hurt, I have been betrayed, and I know how painful a divorce can be. I was devastated, in shock and somewhat numb at the beginning and when the knife was actually pulled out, and the divorce was final, I was no longer devastated.

However, I did feel like I lost something dear to me and then I started watching Super Girl.

In reflecting on my life, I can see where I have been through traumatic events, but I’ve also experienced a beautiful breakthrough. I want you to experience it too, especially if you’re in transition from a place of pain to recovering and or beginning again. Just a little insight that I would like to share. I get super hyped when I watch Super Girl because like her I appear regular on the outside. However, on the inside, the inside of my heart, my mind and spirit, I am repurposing pain. I no longer sit with the offense caused by others or through mistakes I have made. I now use it as a template to show others how to navigate through a tumultuous terrain of pain by partnering with their purpose.

Pretty much, that is what Super Girl does. She has different battles in her life that she has to face, some causing her extreme pain and even the occasional fear, but it doesn’t stop her from seeing the good in others. Regardless of their history, she tries to take a more excellent way.  And the fact that she’s from another world is something I can share because most of my life, I felt like I didn’t belong. Now I know that I’m just out of this world because I am a Super Girl.

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