Brand Me Beautiful V.I.B.E.


LTomay Douglas, MSW, CASACTAt one point, there was an invasion in my body that left a contagion in my psyche. It attempted to corrupt me with an untruth. It tried to leave an imprint on my heart that I alone only experienced this side of dark. The message implanted was one that said I was unloved, undeserving, and unworthy.

However, I disputed the lie, recovered from the invasion, and annihilated the contagion. It took great lengths with therapists, mentors, and
spiritual guides to discover me.

I discovered that the truth is I am loved, deserving, and worthy. Yes, I can embrace the truth that childhood was in a sense robbed from me and yet cruelty, pain, and trauma didn’t accomplish its feat of removing my sense of play, childlike faith, and curiosity.

So here, I am belonging to a collective that has gone through the unthinkable, yet arising with a unique perspective. This collective is made up of souls who embraced their audacious beauty through the storms they braved; it is because of our spiritual connection, we both had to be saved.

I am branded beautiful to go and impart love, light, and truth to this glorious tribe. My purpose is to essentially extract your life’s true vibe. (Vivid Inner Beauty Expression).

Cheers to you, my dear tribe. I will help you see that your story isn’t over. From afraid and untold to brave and heard, your truth is real. Own your worth; illuminate your inner beauty so that others may heal.

My Mission

BMB empowers women to embrace their unique beauty, honor the power of their voice and own their worth.

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