Anonymous reviews from a guest lecture/presentation at Fordham University…

I liked the way Ms. Douglas interacted with the class. She was very engaging and made me feel like what I had to say really mattered.

It was amazing to experience how I have spent an entire semester with my classmates and didn’t know certain things about them. However, it was something about the way she presented that had the class, myself included opening up about difficult situations.

I honestly would have liked the presentation to go longer. I learned new insights into how the community can heal itself. Ms Douglas used really good analogies. I would definitely want to hear her speak again.

Ms. Douglas wasn’t polarizing. She spoke to the perspectives of both the abuser and the offender and the challenges faced by all parties involved. I like how she emphasized how the issue of abuse affects everyone- some indirectly and direct.

I loved the energy she brought to the class. Even though she went deep, she kept us afloat with her positivity.

Ms Douglas gave a well balanced presentation and I was blown away when she disclosed that she is a survivor.

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