Tamar’s Healing Circle

Dear High Achieving Career Woman…Do you keep it all together on the outside, but struggle with unconscious patterns of past abuse still reeking havoc in your adult life, work and relationships? Are you ready to stop burying your trauma and abuse and heal your life once and for all? CLICK HERE to learn about this three month program.

Brand Me Beautiful (BMB) VIP Day:

An intensive on how to apply the BMB In-powerment Method, connect to your inner winner and overcome power limiting so you can stand in truth. Benefits: Power up your brain, bravery and belief; conquer negative thoughts, develop a conviction of confidence and positively activate your powersphere.

1:1 Brand Me Beautiful Session:

Inner soul mapping to identify value, embrace worth and strategically implement tools to successfully overcome obstacles, achieve goals and rewrite your truth.

Online Group Program: Brand Me Beautiful

What is Awakening Your Beauty?
Awakening Your Beauty is a six week online group course designed to help you partner with the power that you already possess, and cultivate the characteristics of an overcomer in a group setting. Bonus 1:1 Worth Strategy session for 30 minutes.

It’s beautiful. Go from merely existing to developing the fortitude and foresight to live in a constant state of winning – awakening your beauty

My Mission

BMB empowers women to embrace their unique beauty, honor the power of their voice and own their worth.

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