Why Watching SuperGirl Gets Me Super Hyped?

Well, for starters I share in her abilities. On earth, we call it gifts. When I give into an hour of self-love to immerse in a relaxed fantastical state, I'm reminded of my gifts. I have the ability to use my eyes, like Supergirl and pierce through false beliefs,...


For the Love of Lou

The month of February is significant in many ways to me. It’s Black History Month. I know most African Americans feel like it's a slight, really I just look at it as a highlight.  Whether the “man’ designed it for us to have a month is something that they did,...


Cheerfully Cheat on Pain & Self Indulge on Love

I often wondered why some things worked with helping people in pain move forward, but not for others. I began to listen more, read more, research more, respond less and just sit with the words shared in confidentiality. As I remained still with the weight of...

My Mission

BMB empowers women to embrace their unique beauty, honor the power of their voice and own their worth.

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